Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)


6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2023



Research, Development and License Agreements

The Company enters into research, development and license agreements with various parties in the ordinary course of business where the Company receives research services and rights to proprietary technologies. The agreements require compensation to be paid by the Company, typically, by a combination of the following:

fees comprising amounts due initially on entering into the agreements and additional amounts due either on specified timelines or defined services to be provided;
milestone payments that are dependent on products developed under the agreements proceeding toward specified plans of clinical trials and commercial development; and
royalty payments calculated as a percentage of net sales, commencing on commercial sale of any product candidates developed from the technologies.

Milestone and royalty related amounts that may come due under various agreements are dependent on, among other factors, preclinical safety and efficacy, clinical trials, regulatory approvals and, ultimately, the successful development and commercial launch of a new drug, the outcomes and timings of which are uncertain. Amounts due per the various agreements for milestone payments will accrue once the occurrence of a milestone is likely. Amounts due as royalty payments will accrue as commercial revenues from the product are earned. Through June 30, 2023, no events have occurred that require accrual of any milestone or royalty related amounts.

UBC and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority Agreement

In April 2016, the Company entered into a three-year, CRA with the UBC and the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority. The agreement was amended various times through January 2022, extending the agreement through 2025. Refer to Note 9 Related Party Transactions.

UBC Agreement

In February 2009, the Company entered into an agreement with UBC to further the development and commercialization of certain technology developed, in part, by the Company’s Chief Scientific Officer. The agreement was amended and restated in October 2015. Under the amended and restated agreement, the Company is committed to make royalty payments based on revenue earned from the licensed technology. An annual license fee is payable over the term of the agreement. The agreement remains effective unless terminated under the provisions of the agreement.  The Company made annual license payments of C$25,000 during the three months ended March 31, 2023 and 2022. Through June 30, 2023, no accruals for royalty payments have been made.

University Health Network Agreement

In April 2006, and in additional amendments through November 2013, the Company entered into an agreement with the University Health Network, Toronto, to license certain technology and related intellectual property. The UHN License Agreement calls for certain customary payments such as milestone payments, buyout payments and payment to UHN between a half of one percent to a low single digit royalty on revenues. The aggregate amount of all potential milestone and buyout payments under the UHN License Agreement (excluding royalty payments) is C$3,325,000. The Company did not make any payments under the agreement to UHN pursuant to the terms of the UHN License Agreement during the six months ended June 30, 2023 and 2022. As of June 30, 2023, no accruals for any milestones or royalty payments have been made.


In the ordinary course of business, the Company enters into agreements that may include indemnification provisions. Pursuant to such agreements, the Company may indemnify, hold harmless and defend an indemnified party for losses suffered or incurred by the indemnified party. Some of the provisions will limit losses to those arising from third party actions. In some cases, the indemnification will continue after the termination of the agreement. The maximum potential amount of future payments the Company could be required to make under these provisions is not determinable. The Company has never incurred material costs to defend lawsuits or settle claims related to these indemnification provisions. The Company has also entered into indemnification agreements with its directors and officers that may require the Company to indemnify its directors and officers against liabilities that may arise by reason of their status or service as directors or officers. The Company currently has directors’ and officers’ insurance.