Exhibit 10.45






To acquire Common Shares of




(incorporated pursuant to the federal laws of Canada)


Warrant Certificate No. 2021-08-[●] dated August 25, 2021


Certificate for [●] Warrants, each entitling the holder to acquire one (1) Common Share (subject to adjustment as provided for in the Warrant Indenture (as defined below)


CUSIP 74346M117


ISIN CA74346M1178  



THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT, for value received,




(the “Warrantholder”) is the registered holder of the number of common share purchase warrants (the “Warrants”) of ProMIS Neurosciences Inc. (the “Corporation”) specified above, and is entitled, on exercise of these Warrants upon and subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein and in the Warrant Indenture, to purchase at any time before 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time) (the “Expiry Time”) on August 25, 2026 (the “Expiry Date”), subject to the Acceleration Right (as defined herein), one fully paid and non-assessable common share without par value in the capital of the Corporation as constituted on the date hereof (a “Common Share”) for each Warrant subject to adjustment in accordance with the terms of the Warrant Indenture (as defined herein).


For the purpose of this Warrant Certificate and the Warrant Indenture, Acceleration Right” means the right of the Corporation, pursuant to the terms of the Warrant Indenture, to accelerate the Expiry Date to a date that is not the less than 30 days following delivery of the Acceleration Notice (as defined in the Warrant Indenture) if, at any time after the Effective Date (as defined in the Warrant Indenture), the Common Shares have a volume weighted average price on the Toronto Stock Exchange greater than three (3) times the Exercise Price (as defined herein) for each of ten (10) consecutive trading days (based on the Bank of Canada noon exchange rate on the applicable trading day).



- 2 -


The right to purchase Common Shares may only be exercised by the Warrantholder within the time set forth above by:


(a)            duly completing and executing the exercise form (the Exercise Form”) attached hereto; and


(b)            surrendering this warrant certificate (the “Warrant Certificate”), with the Exercise Form to the Warrant Agent at the principal office of the Warrant Agent, in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, together with a wire, certified cheque, bank draft or money order in the lawful money of Canada payable to or to the order of the Corporation in an amount equal to the purchase price of the Common Shares so subscribed for.


Subject to the terms of the Warrant Indenture, the surrender of this Warrant Certificate, the duly completed Exercise Form and payment as provided above will be deemed to have been effected only on personal delivery thereof to, or if sent by mail or other means of transmission on actual receipt thereof by, the Warrant Agent at its principal office as set out above.


Subject to adjustment thereof in the events and in the manner set forth in the Warrant Indenture hereinafter referred to, the exercise price payable for each Common Share upon the exercise of Warrants shall be $0.21 (USD) per Common Share (the “Exercise Price”).


Certificates for the Common Shares subscribed for will be mailed to the persons specified in the Exercise Form at their respective addresses specified therein or, if so specified in the Exercise Form, delivered to such persons at the office where this Warrant Certificate is surrendered. If fewer Common Shares are purchased than the number that can be purchased pursuant to this Warrant Certificate, the holder hereof will be entitled to receive without charge a new Warrant Certificate in respect of the balance of the Warrants not so exercised. No fractional Common Shares will be issued upon exercise of any Warrant.


This Warrant Certificate evidences Warrants of the Corporation issued or issuable under the provisions of a warrant indenture (which indenture together with all other instruments supplemental or ancillary thereto is herein referred to as the “Warrant Indenture”) dated as of August 25, 2021 between the Corporation and Computershare Trust Company of Canada, as Warrant Agent, to which Warrant Indenture reference is hereby made for particulars of the rights of the holders of Warrants, the Corporation and the Warrant Agent in respect thereof and the terms and conditions on which the Warrants are issued and held, all to the same effect as if the provisions of the Warrant Indenture were herein set forth, to all of which the holder, by acceptance hereof, assents. The Corporation will furnish to the holder, on request and without charge, a copy of the Warrant Indenture. Any capitalized term in this Warrant Certificate that is not otherwise defined herein shall have the meaning given to it in the Warrant Indenture.



- 3 -


On presentation at the principal office of the Warrant Agent as set out above, subject to the provisions of the Warrant Indenture and on compliance with the reasonable requirements of the Warrant Agent, one or more Warrant Certificates may be exchanged for one or more Warrant Certificates entitling the holder thereof to purchase in the aggregate an equal number of Common Shares as are purchasable under the Warrant Certificate(s) so exchanged.


Neither the Warrants nor the Common Shares issuable upon exercise hereof have been or will be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “U.S. Securities Act”), or any U.S. state securities laws. These Warrants Warrants may not be exercised by or on behalf of, or for the account or benefit of, a U.S. Person or a person in the United States unless this security and the Common Shares issuable upon exercise of this security have been registered under the U.S. Securities Act and the applicable state securities legislation or an exemption from such registration requirements is available.


The Warrant Indenture contains provisions for the adjustment of the Exercise Price payable for each Common Share upon the exercise of Warrants and the number of Common Shares issuable upon the exercise of Warrants in the events and in the manner set forth therein.


The Warrant Indenture also contains provisions making binding on all holders of Warrants outstanding thereunder resolutions passed at meetings of holders of Warrants held in accordance with the provisions of the Warrant Indenture and instruments in writing signed by Warrantholders of Warrants entitled to purchase a specific majority of the Common Shares that can be purchased pursuant to such Warrants.


Nothing contained in this Warrant Certificate, the Warrant Indenture or elsewhere shall be construed as conferring upon the holder hereof any right or interest whatsoever as a holder of Common Shares or any other right or interest except as herein and in the Warrant Indenture expressly provided. In the event of any discrepancy between anything contained in this Warrant Certificate and the terms and conditions of the Warrant Indenture, the terms and conditions of the Warrant Indenture shall govern.


Warrants may only be transferred in compliance with the conditions of the Warrant Indenture on the register to be kept by the Warrant Agent in Vancouver, British Columbia, or such other registrar as the Corporation, with the approval of the Warrant Agent, may appoint at such other place or places, if any, as may be designated, upon surrender of this Warrant Certificate to the Warrant Agent or other registrar accompanied by a written instrument of transfer in form and execution satisfactory to the Warrant Agent or other registrar and upon compliance with the conditions prescribed in the Warrant Indenture and with such reasonable requirements as the Warrant Agent or other registrar may prescribe and upon the transfer being duly noted thereon by the Warrant Agent or other registrar. Time is of the essence hereof.



- 4 -


This Warrant Certificate will not be valid for any purpose until it has been countersigned by or on behalf of the Warrant Agent from time to time under the Warrant Indenture.


The parties hereto have declared that they have required that these presents and all other documents related hereto be in the English language. Les parties aux présentes déclarent qu’elles ont exigé que la présente convention, de même que tous les documents s’y rapportant, soient rédigés en anglais.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Corporation has caused this Warrant Certificate to be duly executed as of:



    Authorized Signatory
    Authorized Signatory


Countersigned and Registered by:  
  Authorized Signatory